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WannaBe PM Camp 2020
с 19:00 до 21:00
субота, 1 серпня 2020

👋The 2020 call for our Project Management Camp! Application is now opened!

WannaBe PM Camp is a free one-month course you can attend to get the skills and knowledge in project management, required to achieve your ambitious personal and professional results. It is organized by the Sumy State University and an international IT-company MindK.

📍 The classes will take place in August 2020 at Sumy State University.

Why joining WannaBe PM Camp?

⭐️ You'll get a theory base during lectures and polish it with practical tasks (expect way more practice than theory). You can always ask your mentors, experienced IT PMs, for advice, and clarify the unclear.
⭐️ You will play business games and negotiate in English with actual MindK clients.
⭐️ The classes will not interfere with your job: all training sessions will take place 2 days a week during the evening time and 1 day on weekends.
⭐️ Small groups, to facilitate active participation and personal attention to each student.
⭐️ It’s 100% free!

The PM Camp is perfect for:

✔️ technical IT-professionals, that don't get scared by words like Agile, Waterfall, WBS, etc.;
✔️ those who have management experience and want to level up their skills and start a PM career.

❗️ As all the lectures and tasks for the course are provided in English, your English level should be Intermediate+:

So, how to apply?

Fill out the form below before 11:59 June 30, and wait for our phone call or email: we will invite you to pass a test and then a small interview. After that, we will choose those lucky ones who will participate in the WannaBe PM Camp 2020.

Apply here 👉 https://forms.gle/HYApikBEpmQAXsPT9

About MindK

MindK develops modern custom web and mobile applications for businesses around the world. We help fast-growing startups and enterprises launch their products fast and easy. For the last 10 years, our team delivered 150+ software solutions in a variety of business niches: https://www.mindk.com/work/

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