Подія минула
Sumy Movie Club

This week we are watching a comedy – Going in Style.
Three seniors, who are desperate to pay the bills and living social security check to check, decide they have had enough. So, the three lifelong pals risk it all and plan to rob the bank that is taking their pension money.
The film stars top actors, and we all love them - Morgan Freeman, Sir Michael Caine and Alan Arkin.
Where: Congress Centre of Sumy State University at Pokrovska St., 9/1, room 213
When: Wednesday, 4 December, 2019
Time: 6.30
Fee: free
The Sumy Movie Club aims at contributing in Sumy society development, so it will also include a mini-class with a very special speaker. A professional teacher is happy to help you spend your Wednesday evening productively.

The Sumy Movie Club is a cooperation of @Hyde Park Language Centre and @Центр освіти впродовж життя at the location of Конгрес-центр СумДУ.
It is a weekly event, so get on board!

с 18:30 до 20:00
середа, 4 грудня 2019